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Live Wedding Painting


Prior to the wedding day, I will give the client an opportunity to let me know any specific preferences they may have for the painting - they have the choice of having the reception or ceremony painted. On the wedding day, I will arrive prior to the event, to set up my easel and paints, and begin laying out the background composition before guests arrive. As guests arrive, I will begin developing more detail of the entire atmosphere from guests, tables and chairs, chandeliers etc. The painting will be transported to the reception where I will provide entertainment for the guests as I finish the painting from pictures.

At the end of the wedding I will take the painting home to allow it to dry and to put on some finishing touches and your finished masterpiece will be mailed or delivered to you when you return from your honeymoon.

Every painting is different, achieved in response to the atmosphere. Paintings are done in an impressionist style and due to time constraint are not heavily detailed; however, your painting is guaranteed to capture the look and feel of your wedding day.

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